Do you know why you can not lose weight successfully?

There are several reasons why you can not lose weight, sometimes gaining weight. This makes you anxious and frustrated about yourself. So what are the reasons? Let’s find out.

The reasons why you can not lose weight


No control of daily calorie intake

This is the biggest cause of weight gain or loss of weight. It’s not because you are lazy but because you can not control your eating. Most people do not accurately measure calories intake daily but only estimate by eye.

They believe that they eat not much, fat is because the body absorbs too well. Many people always complain that: Why do not you eat still fat or do not eat why not still lose weight. But check out the day, what did you eat? Actually you did not eat anything or instead of eating no seeds, you reloaded a lot of other snacks.

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Not eating enough protein

Protein is a substance that can strengthen the muscles, maintain a feeling of fullness and control our appetite. However, most of us do not eat enough to even eat less to lose weight.

That’s easy to understand when a lot of people complain about their body fatigue, fatigue, and hunger in their heads. Make a healthy dietary supplement at every meal. The great source of protein is the meat of herbivores, poultry, eggs, fish and organic nuts.

Not eat breakfast, do not want to eat breakfast

Because to lose weight you do not eat breakfast or very low-calorie foods, with a slice of bread, you think this is too much energy because you do not want to gain weight? Just eat vegetables and do not eat meat, that’s not how you can lose weight effectively.

You should know that inadequate breakfast will make you always feel hungry and eat more at the next meal, this is the cause of your weight is not reduced.

Do you think that eating lots of vegetables and fruits are doing the right thing? Too much is not good, eat the balance of substances, otherwise the vegetables and fruits will counteract your weight loss.

Do not exercise hard enough

Once your body is getting used to the current level of exercise, you have to push the regime up to a higher level to get the same results. That’s why you need a diary, record everything you do.

Never do exercise just one day from day to day, year after year. (Read more: How to lose weight with exercise)

You are constantly stressed

When you are stressed for a long time, your body releases the hormone Cortisol. This hormone stimulates the body to store fat. If you are always in a state of stress, it means high levels of cortisol. This leads to increased fat intake even though you are eating and exercising in a very scientific mode.

Drink not enough water

Water will be a powerful tool for you to lose weight. Water makes you eat less and always feel full stomach, it also helps metabolism to occur much better so there are no deposits depositing fat on the body.

So get plenty of water every day. Full body water will help you burn fat faster and healthier. Each day should drink at least 2 liters of water. If you exercise high, you will need more water.

Hope that with the information on why you can not successfully lose weight will help you change habits and lose weight better.

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