Do i need to lose weight?

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Weight is a sensitive issue for many people, especially for girls. However, not everyone understands what is normal weight, what is overweight and obesity. “Do I need to lose weight?” – The question not everyone answers and how to lose weight to get the fastest weight loss results.

When do I need to lose weight?

You are afraid of gaining weight (especially girls), but if the weight just increased to a moderate level should not be too worried. You can apply the BMI (Body Mass Index) calculation below to find out precisely your weight. The BMI will tell you how much weight you are excessive so you can figure out effective weight loss strategy (This index applies to adults over 20 years old).

Your BMI is calculated as follows:


  • W is the body weight (kg)
  • H is your height (m)

You can self-assess your BMI by the statistics below:

  • Sub-standard (thin): BMI < 18.5
  • Standard (balanced): BMI 18.5 – 25
  • Overweight: BMI 25 – 30

However, overweight at a normal level (BMI 25-30), you do not need too much worry. If you reach the following index, you need to plan your weight loss:

  • Fat – Should lose weight: BMI 30 – 40
  • Very fat – need immediate weight loss: BMI > 40

What is your BMI? It is easy to calculate right? From now on you can answer the question: “Do i need to lose weight?

Having fun!

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