Change the way you think to lose weight fast

Do you believe that the way we think helps us lose weight instead of making a great effort to stop eating what you like? Ms. Alexandra Heminsley will share with us that “miracle”.

Every morning, I wake up and hurriedly go to the rest room to check my weight on the scale, which was bought some years ago. This activity repeats as a routine and always happens in an order. But today, I act as not having that habit. I don’t put off clothes to give my weight the exact number. I don’t hesitate and worry anymore when standing in front of the mirror wondering whether my short hair makes my body slimmer. That is really not important to me anymore. The fact is that I have lost 6 kilograms in just 2 months. Continue reading to learn how to lose weight fast like me!

Change the way you think to lose weight fast 1

Change think to lose weight fast 1

What happened to me? In fact, I was “hypnotized” to change my mind. Since I realized that my body was bigger and my weight increased crazily, I had tried to maintain a strict diet to solve the situation. I said goodbye to fast foods, cake and other favorite foods to go on a strict diet. However, I couldn’t stand up with it for long. I was exhausted of nutrition shortages. I couldn’t sleep without snacks in the evening. As a result, my diet was disrupted and I returned to my past eating habits, excited with a bowl of pasta or sweet cakes. My weight increased to 70kg while my height was just 1.7 meter. This is surely not an ideal ratio. I just knew to sigh. Then I met Marisa Peer in an advertising program of one of her books. I had just thought of Marisa as a doctor on nutrition only but not as a hypnotist. During the conversation, Marisa asked me to look straight into her eyes.

After that, she kept talking about foods and their effects to our health. What Marisa worried about is that people are not aware of how important it is to lose weight. She always believed that if we could make decisions ourselves to eat whatever we want, why couldn’t we change our attitudes and behavior towards foods?

Maria explained that overweight doesn’t stick with you forever because it belongs to no one. You can deal with it if you really try. Don’t defend that “Each person has his or her body form already”. That’s just a justification for your incapability of solving the problem you are dealing with.
Once having decided to lose weight, you should make a clear plan to “change” your body. Marisa emphasized that you pay little attention or hardly remember harmful effects of some foods but remember exactly the feeling of passion and excitement when being complimented on your new jacket or expensive clothes.

In fact, you should do to the contrary. Before eating your favorite foods, spend at least one minute to think of them and list all harmful effects they bring to your health. According to Marisa, wheat flour and milk are two main types of foods that make us gain weight. However, she also said that: No food should be avoided; we still can eat whatever we want provided that it is really good to our health.

Change the way you think to lose wegiht fast 2

Change think to lose weight fast 2

We continued our interesting conversation. She gave me a series of questions about my attitude toward my body and foods. What are my desired foods? Do I feel irritated sometimes when eating?

She also gave other questions about my eating habits of my family and my feeling towards my body when I was a teenager? Marisa wanted to know clearly my aim now and oriented me towards what I should do to lose 10kg without having to change my daily habits too much.
After a 45-minute conversation, we moved to another room. I lied on a coach. Marisa asked me to close my eyes and count from 1 to 10 while loosing my body and refresh my mind. I realized that I was still very sober and not forced to do anything. I was asked about my childhood and both good and bad effects of food types to my health. Our conversation related mainly to health but not how to lose weight fast.

Only some days after that talk, I realized that I didn’t want to eat anything relating to milk or wheat flour. It was not that I wanted to lose weight but that I truly didn’t like them. This rejection is voluntary but not compulsory like before. I was afraid of being too full and suffering from stomachache each time I drank milk. Now, I prefer eating vegetables and fruits to having a loaf of bread with a glass of fat milk. My change was totally voluntary and natural. I was very pleased about that.

Over one month later, I lost 4 kg and my body seemed much thinner. In fact, losing weight is not too difficult to me. It bases on the determination rather than fasting or stopping eating some types of foods. Since then, I always have good appetite when eating and freely eat whatever foods good for health.

I hardly got the pinch of hunger and felt happy with what I had eaten. Some of my attitudes toward eating have changed. I had always found it wasteful to throw away abundant foods in the bridge. I had frightenedly and unpleasantly tried to cram them into my body with the thought that it might then become too smelly for me to eat.

However, what I read from the book of Marisa is that when you don’t have a good appetite for eating, the foods coming into your body are not absorbed well, too. And as a result, this is called “a waste” as well. Throwing abundant foods into a waste basket is similar to throwing them into your body. It’s better not to buy or cook too much at the same time to avoid being wasteful and bad effects to your health.

My weight now is just 64kg; the number I have ever dreamed about. Attractiveness comes back to me. I am confident to meet other people and admired by the eyes of many gentlemen. I am proud to put on charming and sexy dresses when coming to parties and enjoying classic dance.

Now, I am no longer obsessed by overweight. Sometimes, I “challenge” myself by glancing at the restaurant’s high-grade sweet cakes. However, I keep walking without hesitation. This feeling is similar to being sexually bored with a man treating you badly. I don’t like cakes, pasta anymore simply because that now, I am standing in front of the mirror and feel satisfied with myself.

I’m sure that now, after reading this story; you can learn something about how to lose weight fast. I hope that you can practice this method to bring your charm back.

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