Can a person lose weight if they become a vegetarian? Is it better to avoid eggs and diary if so?

Can a person lose weight if they become a vegetarian?


I eat meat a lot, and I’m trying to lose weight. Will a vegetarian diet help me achieve this? If I do go on a vegetarian diet, is it better to avoid eggs and dairy, or to eat them every now and then for weight loss? This is assuming that the vitamins I’d lack in food would be properly replaced with supplements. Thanks!


Answer 1:

If you go on a healthy balanced vegetarian diet, then you may lose weight depending on what you’re eating now. If you sub a fast food combo meal for a hummus sandwich and veggies, of course you’ll lose weight, but only because your initial choice wasn’t good for weight loss. However, if you’re subbing a bowl of turkey chili for a bag of chips and a coke, then that’s going veg but won’t be healthful.

Typically, the breakdown of nutrients between omnivorous and vegetarian diets is higher carb for veg and higher protein for omni. That being said, most people in the developed world have too much protein in their diet.

You really shouldn’t be focusing on losing vitamins and having to supplement them. A vegetarian diet full of a variety of foods is enough to make sure you meet all your vitamin and mineral needs.

Either cut all the fat off your meat, or replace it with vegetarian proteins – weight loss comes down to good foods in and lots of exercise out.

Answer 2:

A vegetarian diet may help yes, it is not a sure fire way however. Losing weight is about exercising, eating healthy & not eating as many calories (which is maintained through eating healthy & such). Regardless of what diet you follow

As for the vitamins providing you are eating a healthy balanced vegetarian diet there is no need for supplementation, & i mean its not like you even have to keep logs of what you are eating or anything. I simply mean not sticking to salads & carrots ie eating a variety of foods

Answer 3:

Yes! you will lose lots of weight. About 3 years ago I went vegan and lost 60 pounds cause you cut ALOT of fatty stuff out of your diet. Vegan is no dairy, meat of any kind. Basicly just veggies and tofu lol but I love eating like that so its not very hard for me. I gave it up for a prime rib but I wish I would not of. To replace the vitamins that you need in meat to give you energy just eat lost of beans or stuff with beans in it. For example hummus. Its great for you, super tasty, and its made of all vegan friendly stuff and its super easy to make if you have a food processes or a blender!

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