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10 Healthy Desserts—and They’re Tasty, Too

A sweet tooth is meant to be satisfied—yes, even if you’re watching your weight. Dessert, after all, is one of life’s pleasures, and deprivation typically backfires. It doesn’t have to be a high-calorie, high-fat disaster, either: The trick is making smart choices and substitutions. “Take advantage of foods that

Tips to stay safe during cold-weather months

With temperatures falling into the 30s this week, people will be turning up the heat to stay warm. But, as the temperature drops, the number of patients treated by the Vanderbilt Regional Burn Center typically increases due to unsafe heating methods that result in injury. Heating fires account for

10 Things That Can Sabotage Your Weight Loss

So you’ve got your plot to drop the extra pounds. It certainly seems sensible: You’re going to eat right, eat less, and exercise. After weeks of declining dessert and diligently hitting the treadmill, you step on the scale and…only 2 pounds gone? You conclude that something or someone must

How Gardens Heal Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Amidst my whirlwind workday, a sniff of an herb in the garden outside my store reminded me of my grandmother, Cissie, from South Africa, who passed recently. She is the one who started me on the path of becoming a professional urban farmer, gardener, educator, and entrepreneur, and random

What Are The Eight Most Popular Diets Today?

The word diet comes from Old French diete and Medieval Latin dieta meaning “a daily food allowance”. The Latin word diaeta and Greek word diaita mean “a way of life, a regimen”. According to Medilexicon`s medical dictionary, a diet means “1. Food and drink in general. 2. A prescribed

Can Exercise Protect the Brain From Fatty Foods?

In recent years, some research has suggested that a high-fat diet may be bad for the brain, at least in lab animals. Can exercise protect against such damage? That question may have particular relevance now, with the butter-and cream-laden holidays fast approaching. And it has prompted several new and

11 Health Habits That Will Help You Live to 100

One of the biggest factors that determines how well you age is not your genes but how well you live. Not convinced? A study published in 2009 in the British Medical Journal of 20,000 British folks shows that you can cut your risk of having a stroke in half

Lose Fat Faster Before Breakfast

People can burn up to 20% more body fat by exercising in the morning on an empty stomach, according to new research from Northumbria University. In a study published online in the British Journal of Nutrition on January 24, academics sought to find out whether the known benefits of

Diet Tips for Business Travelers

Frequent travel can pack on the pounds, but road warriors can maintain a healthy diet with these tips Toothbrush? Check. Dress shoes? Check. Your diet? That’s all too easy to forget. For those whose jobs require frequent travel, a balanced diet all too often goes right out the window

Do you have any personal experience on losing weight fast?

Ask: I’m 19 and want to lose at least 7 kgs till my birthday which is in 15 days. Anyone with good diet plan or anything please help me lose weight. I weigh 65 kg n m 158 cms . pls help, any personal experience? i workout everyday for