Are there any good tips to losing weight?


i DONT WANT TO HAVE TO PAY FOR ANYTHING. i would just like to know some good tips to losing weight fast. ive got a treadmill, im open minded to anything , i stay positive, and i DONT want to do anything unhealthy to my body. if DIETING is a big part of it, i will do it. but i just need some help. anything exercises anyone could recommend?


We all have wellness goals we want to reach, and we all know what we need to do to reach them. But sometimes success isn’t a matter of knowledge and desire; it’s a matter of motivation. See if any of these thoughts sound familiar:

“I was very excited to stick to my meal plan the first couple weeks, but after a while I lost my drive.”

“If I don’t see results right away, I get discouraged and stop exercising.”

“It’s too hard to be good when my end goal seems so far away.”

Getting discouraged with your results or disinterested with your goals is natural. But there are some simple, effective ways to overcome this discouragement and stay motivated.

You’ve got an end goal in sight. In order to reach that goal−you need to designate steps along the way. Small goals. In order to do this effectively you need to track your progress.

There are many numbers, figures, and indicators that you can choose to track. The most obvious one, of course, is weight. But reaching your wellness goals isn’t just about shedding pounds. Other factors, like the inches on your waist and arms, your BMI, your cholesterol, your heart rate when exercising, and your blood pressure can be important to
track as well.

Keep track of your progress in a journal. You can create a section for measurements of your upper arms, chest, waist, hips, and thighs. You can also log your weight, vital statistics, and exercise. Nothing makes this easier than Make a note when you improve in an area. Check back on your old scores often, and remind yourself of the improvements you make. Any progress—great or small—is cause for celebration.

Looking good, feeling great, and staying healthy are all great rewards for reaching your wellness goals. But sometimes you need to give yourself a little more incentive to help you along the way. Having small rewards set up for reaching milestones is a great way to keep yourself focused and motivated.

Set milestones for yourself, and have a reward set up for each time you reach them. Here are a few milestone ideas to get you started:

every five pounds you lose
every inch you lose off your waist
extra time or weight added to your workout
It is best to have your goals and rewards set out ahead of time and written down. Keep them posted in a conspicuous place that you see every day. This will keep them in the front of your mind and will help you see your progress towards your reward.

And make sure your rewards are healthy ones. Going out for steak and sundaes after you’ve reached a weight loss milestone is probably not a good idea. You want to steer clear of food rewards that are not on track with your meal plan. Instead, buy yourself a new outfit, go shopping for a new CD, play an extra round of golf, or get a massage. There are plenty of healthy rewards you can give yourself for reaching these smaller goals on your way to total physical wellness.

In order to lose weight, you’ve got to have a support network. Family, friends, and coworkers can help you reach your wellness goals, but only if they know about them. This may mean stepping out of your comfort zone a little bit, but it can be worth it. Knowing that your friends and coworkers are aware of your goals will help you want to stick to your meal and exercise plans in social situations. Your support network will be able to assist you when you are faced with difficult choices, and help you stay positive and motivated.

Losing weight is not easy, especially when your enthusiasm is down. But tracking your progress, recognizing improvements, rewarding yourself, and creating a support network can help you stay motivated and continue your meal and exercise plans, which will bring you that much closer to reaching your wellness goals.

I am a Wellness Coach with a company committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle. Exercise (visiting the gym on a routine schedule, even walking for 30 mins every day) combined with a meal plan you will see results if you are dedicated and motivated. For more information see the link below.
Good Luck!

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