Any tips for a 13 year old goalkeeper in preparation for trials?


I want tips of what things to do for a GK to keep fit
I’ve just come back from summer holidays so lost fitness, but i walk 4 miles to school daily, have weights, and can train at a stadium about 2 mins near me (football training)

That’s actually a good idea the reflex one against the wall


Answer 1:

Theres quite a few things you can do – some specific are

Sit with knees bent. Have someone throw to the left of your head and behind you, you should ideally need to stretch back to catch, continue to ground and then while completing a sit up, toss the ball back toyour helper. Then to the right, then to the left etc.

In a standing position, have some play the ball to the left and right along the ground, practise dropping to stop it – not parry with your feet.

A simple one when alone, toss the ball up high and practise overhead catches – like in a corner situation, makeing sure you jump for it and catch cleanly.

Work on distance kicks – it is important a keeper at the very minimum clears the half-way line with a goal kick. Find a web tutorial or video about the techniques to practise.

Not sure how many friends you have but a good drill is 3 attackers, atarting at 25 m out, with only two backs and the keeper – due to overlaps etc, it makes both the defenders and the keeper learn to read the play and what general angles will occur in a match.

Think about how to set a wall properly. Ideally want the wall to cover one post, you protect the other post.

Also remember – in a game – hesitation is the keepers worst enemy. If you think you can get to a ball played through, then come out and get to it. If you call, make sure its yours. Keeping is about confidence – i have had good runs and bad runs – the worst run I had was when I lost a bit of confidence after breaking my wrist in a one on one with a striker (i just palmed the ball away as he connected with where the ball should have been, but my hand was). When I came back, the next half of the season I hesitated coming out. Just go in.

The keeper also should be the one that calls the shots in the back, so make sure when you call a wall, or when you see someone unmarked, make the call clear and make sure they go where you say.

Answer 2:

wow nice one dude :)

i used to be a goal keeper for the mens thrid team.

personally practise all the basics, catching, diving, long kicks, throws, short kicks, penalties etc….. practice with your mates, ask your mates to go out to play footi, find a ncie grass area, set up a goal, and ask them to practice shots at u, corner kicks, penalties etc…

as your walking maybe try to jog, change it, then from jogging into running, get home from school and do a 20 mins jog around your local area, if you have a nice long garden, or short garden, jog on the spot, and speed up, then slow back down again,

all these things will increase your fitness levels

but make sure you eat the correct food, and drink plenty of water


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