Am I healthy for my height and age? If not, what is a good diet plan for me to become a healthy weight?


I am 14 years old, 5’4″ and 125-130 lbs. I am interested in being healthier and I was wondering if I am unhealthy the way that I am. I eat healthy in general, and I take vitamins daily. I am also very active in sports. Since I am more developed, my mom told me that it is normal for me to weigh more that other girls my size. Any help would be great! Thanks!

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Answer 1:

You are healthy:) I am 5’3 and I weight 124, but I want to lose fat and build/tone muscle, too.

If you eat under a certain amount of calories a day (it depends on your body weight), your body will go into starvation mode and start to store EVERYTHING you eat as fat because your body thinks that you are going through a famine.
One of the best ways to lose weight is to eat 6 small meals per day. There is a formula that can calculate how many calories per day you need to eat to lose weight and how many calories each small meal should be.

Current weight (lbs) / 2.2 (to convert lbs to kg) x 25 – 200 (calories) = ___ / 6 ( # of small meals)

EX: 124 lbs / 2.2 = 56 kg (about)
56 x 25 = 1400 cals
1400 cals – 200 cals = 1200 cals per day AT LEAST to LOSE WEIGHT
1200 / 6 = 200 cals (about) per small meal

current weight (lbs) / 2.2 x 30 = ___ / 6

Eating small meals throughout the day boosts your metabolism and burns more calories. Also, drinking green tea can really boost your metabolism and help you lose weight in a few weeks.
Make sure to eat a lot of steamed vegetables as well; at least a plate a day

Use this website as well ( This website is NOT trying to sell anything. Every week day, Zuzana and Freddy (the creators) post a short but SUPER INTENSE workout that can burn fat and build muscle. I usually do them twice a day; one in the morning and one at night. There are HUNDREDS of different workouts, recipes, and tips for getting into shape.
Here is my workout schedule (I wouldn’t recommend following my diet EXACTLY because I eat a different number of calories from you)

– Yogurt, nutrigrain bar, green tea

-30 minute interval/cardio workout

-1 cup (an actual cup measurement, not a glass or coffee cup) of water, 2 pieces of toast w/ 1/2 tbsp of peanut butter each, 1 cup of water

-2 cups of steamed green beans, green tea

-1 cup of water, one large fuji apple, 1 cup of water

-1 FiberOne bar, piece of toast w/ 1 tbsp of peanut butter, green tea

-Whatever workout is posted from the BodyRock website

-1 cup of water, a ham sandwhich w/ 1 tbsp of mayo, 1 cup of water

Notice how I drink 3 coffee cups of green tea per day, and how I drink at least 6 actual cups of water per day? Drinking water is very important in weight loss. If you don’t drink enough water, your body will store that water (*cough* waterweight *cough*)to save it (like what happens when you don’t eat enough calories). Also notice how I eat before and after each workout. Your body needs energy (food) to burn calories and needs food to help replenish that energy. If you don’t eat before/after each workout, your body will start to eat away at your muscles first. That will make you even weaker and unable to do the workouts which equals unable to lose weight. Your fat stores are SUPER DUPER important to your body, so it will usually eat away at your muscles before your fat.

I eat about 1200 calories per day because I am also trying to lose weight (I weigh 124 and I want to weight 119 for my next goal). Like I said, I wouldn’t follow my diet exactly if I were you, but I would try to create a diet based off of something like that. I will not eat the same thing everyday, but I will always make sure that it fits inside my calorie budget. Also, if you can, try to stay away from processed foods. If it is in a package that has a whole bunch of ingredients that you can’t pronounce, then it’s processed.

It takes the body at least 6 weeks to start noticing physical results. You might start to see changes within 2-4 weeks, but you will notice the changes begin to become more noticeable within 6-8 weeks.

Answer 2:

your mom is right.
your at a very healthy weight for your height, and remember, each girl is built differently.

also since your more active, your going to ALWAYS weigh mroe because youve got nice toned muscles.

i bet you have a supe rbody and have nothing to worry about. keep your chin up girl, your gorgeous!

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