9 simple ways to lose weight fast

Overweight has become the result of the developing society. The question “How to lose weight fast?” has always been spinning in a large number of women’s mind in the modern life. In fact, losing weight is not as difficult as we thought. We can lose 1kg per year if each day we cut down on 100 calories. However, the number is 500 calories per day to lose weight in a short time. We can cut down on foods by 250 calories and go jogging in 30-45 minutes to make other 250 calories vanish. Keep following this method in one week and you can lose 0.5 kilogram. Below are 9 simple ways to help you answer that question:

  1. Eat butter every day: This may seems unreasonable because butter is very fat but if you just eat one piece of cheese or drink a cup of milk each day, it will increase metabolism inside the body. Some people can lose 6 kg in just 12 weeks by eating yoghurt 3 times per day to lose 500 calories. This way gives better result than by fasting.
  2. Eat apples before having dinner: How to lose 8 kg in just 3 months? Take exercises regularly, have a balanced diet and eat an apple in each meal. An apple contains about 5 gram of fiber, especially in its peel. This fiber is what makes us feel full and avoid wanting to eat more.
  3. Be careful with starch: Starch is foods with high calories, such as potatoes, breads, rice, cakes, cream.etc. You should replace potatoes, bread.etc with vegetables and fruits with less calories and full of fiber. This helps you become thinner.
  4. Be in favor of drinking water: everyone knows that drinking much water will make us eat less and increase our skin’s moisture. If we don’t want to drink mineral water, we can drink orange juice, lemon juice or soda instead.
  5.  Take part in activities like children: Besides taking regular excises everyday, you should take part in outside activities like children. Don’t feel ashamed because the purpose is to lose calories of 120 calories in 20 minutes. These activities also make you feel better in life.
  6. Chew M&M: When you feel bored or want to eat something, chew small balls of chocolates like M&M. Don’t be afraid that chocolate balls will make you gain weight because you just eat 20 balls. It is much better than eating something sweeter and fatter.
  7. Choose suitable breads: Buy oat breads with higher amount of fiber than normal breads you often see. Because the normal breads have been processed. Each piece of oat bread contains 2 grams of fiber.
  8. Never give up breakfast: According to a research of Harvard University, a person having breakfast every day can avoid overweight and diabetes risk from 35% to 50% more than a person having just 2 breakfasts per week. What to eat is also just as important as when to eat. You can enjoy breakfast with oat soup and cereals, which contain much fiber.
  9. Brush your teeth after meals: Brushing your teeth is known as a way to keep your teeth clean. Moreover, it helps you reduce the appetite. How can you want to eat more while your mouth is full of tooth-paste taste? If you can’t brush your teeth after each meal, you can use mint liquid to gargle.

These above ways are tips to help you answer the question “How to lose weight fast?” Hope that you can become thinner and more beautiful in just a short time.

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