9 simple eating tips which help you ignore gaining weight

Besides doing exercise, having suitable diet is also key tips to own slim waist. Below are some eating tips which help you keep your body slim.

1. Do exercise before breakfast, don’t eat after 7 pm

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You will find amazing result after apply these habits. You can cut 520 calories each day thanks to applying these habits.

2. Eat in front of mirror

Do you know why eating in front of mirror helps you lose weight? Research showed that see by self when eating, people usually choose healthy food and decrease 400 calories the food is unsuitable in average.

3. Gum chewing and drink a lot of water

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Drinking a lot of water is very good for the health. It helps arouse the metabolism, eliminate fat and waste out of the body. If you drink 7-8l of water each day, you can cut off 205 calories when eating

Besides, if you eat sugarless chewing during1 hour in the morning, you will cut off 67 calories at lunch, even twice at dinner.

4. Don’t use mobile phone when eating

Using mobile phone, PC or watching TV when eating can make you distract, that leads to un-control the amount of food you eat, especially you snacking. Many researches showed that people will add 200 calories each day if they use mobile phone when eating. Moreover, distracting when eating also effects to the stomach negatively

5. Interleaved Jogging

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Interleaved jogging has positive effect to the body more 20% than usual even going fast. So, you can burn 90-120 calories each hour. Especially, in winter days, jogging will you burn calories more effectively. In 3 hours, you can lose 250 calories.

6. Sleep 7-8 hours a day

Having enough sleep helps the metabolism work more effectively. A research showed that people who sleep 4 hours a night use more 300 calories than those who sleep normally. People who have enough sleep also do exercise more regularly.

7. Put the fork down when eating

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This way help you reduce the speed when eating, helps cut off 300 calories in each meal.

8. Cook meal

A research showed that cooking meal at home helps cut 140 calories comparing to eating out in average.

9. Chew carefully

Eating slowly and chewing carefully is a wonderful losing weight tips because it creates full feeling longer. Moreover, chewing carefully also helps the brain recognizes the full feeling, therefore, you can decrease eating more.

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