1. Only eat half a bagel (and try to reach for multigrain options, you’ll feel fuller, faster).

2. Orange juice is good, but eating an orange is better.

3. Reach for turkey bacon or sausage instead of the regular kind.

4. Hold the butter when you order pancakes or waffles.

5. Dab the grease off fried foods (you’ll cut up to 30 percent of the food’s calories!).

6. Eat the smallest muffin in the bakery (or, better yet, reach for an English muffin).

7. Thicken cream sauce with low-fat or evaporated milk instead of cream or butter.

8. Eat poached eggs instead of ones that are fried.

9. Use fat-free or low-fat cheese wherever possible (and reach for stronger cheeses, you’ll feel more satisfied because of the flavor).
10. Sip smoothies (with yogurt) instead of milkshakes (with ice cream).

11. Use dilled relish and yogurt (instead of mayo) to make tasty tuna or salmon sandwiches.

12. Use smaller plates and utensils (you’ll eat less but your brain will think you’ve had more).

13. Reach for no-calorie sweetener instead of sugar.

14. Eat slower (you’ll feel fuller, faster and will eat less as a result).

15. Trade two Oreo cookies for a sheet of graham crackers.

16. Chew gum as you cook (it will deter you from snacking).

17. Eat Halloween-sized candy bars instead of full-sized ones.

18. Do as the French do: eat open-face sandwiches (you’ll cut your bread intake in half).

19. Sprinkle fresh lemon and some salt and pepper over your salad instead of oil or cream-based dressings.

20. Use cinnamon or nutmeg to sweeten your coffee or tea instead of honey, sugar or syrup.

21. Nix putting croutons on your salad.

22. Eat grilled chicken pizza instead of a slice covered in pepperoni.

23. Top grilled veggies with fresh herbs and a little olive or seame oil instead of butter.

24. At your friend’s birthday, reach for a middle-sliced piece of cake (there’s less icing).

25. Add fresh berries to your cake or pie instead of ice cream or sorbet.

26. Go bunless with your burger or hot dog.

27. Dump snack foods into individual, small-sized bowls (instead of eating them straight from the bag).

28. Dip your fresh veggies or pita in hummus instead of creamy spinach dip.

29. Use plain yogurt to make dips instead of sour cream.

30. Only buy extra-lean ground beef (or, swap beef for ground turkey or chicken).

31. Use canned fish packed in water, not oil.

32. When ordering a drink, make sure it’s on the rocks and opt for clear-colored choices (like vodka and soda).

33. Stay away from thick, super-sweet frozen drinks like margaritas and daiquiris.

34. Dip nacho chips in a thick tomato-based salsa (instead of guacamole).

35. Intersperse your alcoholic beverages with water.36. Drink through a straw (it slows down how much and how fast you drink).

37. Dip your pizza or wings in hot sauce, not blue cheese dressing.

38. Sip on club soda (with a slice of lemon or lime) instead of pop.

39. Suck on popsicles to get your frozen food fix (instead of licking an ice cream cone).

40. Reach for grilled foods, like fish and chicken, instead of foods that are breaded or fried.

41. Stay away from alfredo sauces (opt for tomato-based sauces instead).

42. Eat baked potatoes (sans cheese and sour cream) instead of ones that are mashed or fried.

43. Nibble on lightly-salted edamame instead of digging into potato chips.

44. Eat grapes instead of raisins (Note: Freezing grapes makes for a sweet and refreshing snack!).

45. Use reduced-sugar jam on your morning toast instead of butter or peanut butter.

46. If you must have ice cream (or frozen yogurt), eat it out of a bowl instead of on top of a sugar cone.

47. Stay away from the skin on meats and chicken.

48. Nibble on extra-small pretzels instead of the thick-stick ones (and eschew the yogurt-covered pretzels – opt only for plain).

49. Grill sandwiches with nonstick cooking spray instead of using butter.

50. Eat your fish with lemon juice instead of tartar sauce.

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