5 weight loss ideas of the teenagers

Do not make yourself a victim of these very unhealthy weight lossĀ ideals below teenagers!

1. Skipping breakfast

It seems that the fever of losing weight by skipping breakfast has never cooled down when the teenage class to other teenagers have experienced this tip of mouth.

Do not know the first people praised the effect of this secret is really weight loss or not, but most teenage girls who have tried fasting have stomach pain or gain weight quickly after the reduction a little weight.


In addition to having trouble with the stomach, skipping breakfast also makes the teenager less focused during class time, causing nutritional deficiencies as well as making us enjoy eating at night more.

2. Drink plenty of water before eating


Nearly 80% of teenagers who have experienced weight loss have tried drinking 1-2 glasses of water before meals to cause full and hope to eat less. In fact, this method can help teenagers lose weight, because after loading 200-300ml of water like that, the stomach does not have much room to store food anymore, you will naturally eat less.

But not because of this effect that scientists encourage this way of losing weight! If you use this method for a long time, you will suffer from gastrointestinal distress and stomach pain as the digestive tract used to digest food is diluted before performing the task.

3. Stay up late


Despite the fact that the newspapers are constantly calling for people to take care of their sleep, our teenagers like to do the opposite. After all, we may have to stay up late because of too much exercise or sometimes get caught up in a good movie. But if the “plan” to stay up late is a problem.

Many girls say that staying up late will cause the body to consume a lot of energy, since it will help us to be thinner than that, but in fact contrary to your wishes!

When we stay up late, we tend to be hungry and hungry, and if we eat during the night, our fat will stay in the abdomen a lot.

4. Only eat green vegetables


Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and are a healthy source of nutrition. But just as you eat meat all day without looking at the fruit plate, your body will probably lack essential nutrients.

So when you eat only green vegetables, you lose a lot of protein, fat and some special nutrients only in meat, fish and other starches.

That is not to mention a “green” diet with green vegetables that will make you give up early before you see the results of weight loss first.

5. Make friends with coffee

Coffee has the ability to burn fat, which is what science has proven. But using coffee every day to lose weight is not necessarily a smart choice for teens.

The composition of coffee includes stimulants that make teenagers susceptible to sleep disorders. Coffee also has the effect of diuretic, which makes it difficult for the body to retain water for long-term use will appear dry and tan skin.

If you want to lose weight with coffee, why not choose a safer way than body massage with ground coffee grounds? They help to smooth the skin, just to fat cell ruffles it!

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