5 ways to lose 5-8 kg fast for women at home

Women can eliminate belly fat in short period of time by 5 ways below. Apply these ways daily, you will see the change of your waist in 7 days. Let’s determine these 5 effective ways!

Belly fat is common problem with office lady and new mothers. It is cause by less in exercising and unreasonable diet. This situation can’t change if you just go on a diet and don’t change mode of living. Let’s apply ways below to burn belly fat fast.

  1. Have a reasonable diet

Eating in right way can make you lose weight rapidly. When you lose weight, belly will be the part smaller first. So, what is a reasonable diet?

You should limit the amount of starch and sugar as much as possible. The fat is created from carbohydrate (mainly in starch and sugar) which is hard to disintegrate. Therefore, you should alter rice, bread, cereals and sugar by meat, fish and egg.

You should also eat more vegetable and fruit because they support you energy for all day while don’t cause obese. Moreover, they are very good for your skin and beautify your skin.

And you should not snack at meals or midnight. In case you feel hungry, you can use fruit instead.

The result:

  • If you can create reasonable diet and follow it, you will lose 3-5 kg after 3 weeks while your skin is still nice.
  1. Drink more water

Drink water helps you reduce feeling hungry, so you will eat less. You should drink at least 8 cups of water a day. In addition, remember to drink a cup of water before each meal to eat less.

Beside, ignore alcohol and gas drink because they are unhealthy and make store water under the skin.

The result:

  • Water is really vital to our body. Moreover, drinking 8-12 cups of water each day helps lose weight effectively. From the reality, you can lose 4-5kg in a month by drinking water before each meal.
  • However, don’t drink much water before going to bed in order to avoid swelling of your face.
  1. Do exercise

You don’t need to go to gym or practice with high intensity. You just need to practice 4 times a week to burn belly fat.

There are multiple exercises to lose belly fat fast like jogging, running, cycling, climbing, etc. If you have less time, you can do house work instead and play a song you like in this time. Or you can walk to the market instead of driving. There are many ways to make these exercises interesting. This is a simple tip for you to lose belly fat.

The result:

  • Apply these exercises regularly helps not only lose weight but also make your body suppler and stronger. These exercises should be done in the morning to get the higher result.
  1. Have enough sleep

Sleeping enough is very important. Some people think that sleeping much makes you gain weight; however, in fact, it brings the opposite result.

Less sleeping will make you tired and spending more energy than those who sleep enough. That makes you tired and feels hungry and eats more. So, you gain weight by yourself.

The result:

  • You should sleep 7-8 hours a day because it not only helps you healthy but also slim your waist. After 3 weeks, you waist will lose 3-5 cm of size.
  1. Reduce stress

Stress is main reason which causes obese. When you are stressed or tired, the rate of hydrocortisone raises, and that why your body are stored fat. Moreover, stress will make you hungry and eat more, so, you might gain weight easily.

Planning what to do daily and putting a tick to what is completed will help you reduce stress because all things are arrange reasonably.

The result:

  • Relaxed mind not only helps lose weight efficiently but also beautify your skin. Especially, it will make you eat less than usual.

Above are 5 ways to lose belly fat fast. If you do them regularly, you will get the amazing result after a week. However, after 3 days, you still need to practice to maintain this result.

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