5 exercises for a slim belly

Owning a slim body will help women attract the sight of the men. Especially, summer is coming; it is so great to show off your sexy body on the beach.

To reach the goal, let’s start 5 following simple exercises!

  1. Ride a bike


This is the simplest exercise which brings you slim legs. Continuously riding will effect to your muscle and stimulate the circulation in your body. That not only helps you lose weight but also is good for your heart. 30-minute-riding per day is a great for both your body and spiritual.

  1. Squats


Squats is specifically effective to femoral area because this exercise almost pushes your weight down to your legs. Squatting regularly will decrease the amount of redundant fat in your femoral area and help you have dream body.

  1. Jogging


Instead of riding, jogging also can firming your calf and raises your health. Frequently go jogging in one hour will bring you toned thigh without redundant fat and relaxing spiritual.

  1. Lunges exercise


Another way to have slim thighs is doing lunges exercise. Firstly, stand straightly and relax your body. Next, step one leg, fold the knee to right angle simultaneously and put the hands on hip or put the hands high as the chest. After that, push the body to foreleg. Finally, keep this action in 5 seconds than back to the original posture. This effective exercise is applied by almost people nowadays.

  1. Change the diet


If you eat too much food which have high- rate carbohydrate, especially high in fat and starch foods, you can gain weight very fast. Therefore, we advise to have a healthy diet with 45% to 65% in. In addition, you should ignore sugary drinks especially refined sugar. You also need to eat more vegetables and fruit to help fat decomposition process in your body work well.

Wish you succeed in losing weight and own toned body with slim thighs.

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