4 effective tips to lose belly fat after having baby

Covering with hot salt, massaging with wine and ginger, steaming are can help the women reduce the 20-30 cm belly size after having baby.

Sagging belly is always the obsession of all women. After 9 months o pregnant, instead of a firmed belly, women will have sagging one with belly fat. Will they accept that?

In fact, there are a number of different ways to lose belly fat after having a baby. Besides playing sports regularly, you should consult 4 ways below:


Steaming is one of the most effective burning belly fat ways which don’t require exercise but brings a great result. This method thanks to the heat of steam room and make vascular and pores expand to burn fat and then evacuates them through sweat gland. 30 minutes-steaming has same result as 45 minutes-jogging and 25 minutes-extremely exercising.


You can steam at home by citronella, grapefruit peel, orange peel, lemon, Melissa, eucalyptus, or essential oil which is available in market. However, you should overfeed before steaming or taking a shower immediately after steaming because at this time the pores are expanding, if you take a shower, water will pervade into your body and that makes you ills. Another important thing is you must not steam if you have problem with the heart, blood pressure.

Covering with hot salt

This way is applied by almost women because it can perform at home. Besides salt, you can add ginger or mugwort when frying to cover. It will bring better result.

You just need to fry 1kg of salt and put it into a cloth bag and then massage around the abdomen. The heat from the salt bag will expand the pores, burn fat and evacuate it out.

Covering with fresh lemon

Lemon contains citric acid, which helps stimulate metabolism, prevent accumulation of fat, detoxifies the liver and kidney, dialysis and improve blood quality. It also includes many kinds of vitamin, especially vitamin C which helps beautify the skin, strengthen resistance, and lose weight effectively. Obese people can use diluted lemon juice instead of water to drink daily, or drink lemon with honey to lose weight.


With new mothers, covering with lemon is the most effective and safest way. You slice lemon and cover them on your belly for 20 minutes 3 times a week. Applying this way in long time, you will have slim belly.

Massage with ginger wine

Using ginger wine to massage is one of the most popular ways of the new mothers in order to lose belly fat. You just need to use 1 kg of ginger and mash with wine in 1 month. After giving birth, you use this wine to cover on the belly or any part where you want to burn fat. The heat of ginger wine will burn fat tissue, disperse them and excrete them out safely. You should massage the part where you cover ginger wine to get higher result.

You can add crocus into this wine in order to whiten the skin and remove the stretch marks.

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