3 day diet

3 diet plan

3 diet plan

It is widely known by everybody that going on a diet is the best way to lose weight. However, how to choose a weight loss diet with enough energy supply seems to be difficult.

Today, howtoloseweightfaste.com will introduce to you a diet for 3 days, which will then be continued for the next days. Follow strictly this diet and you will get expected weight!

3 Day diet – Day 1

  1. Breakfast: ½ orange, 1 cup of vegetable soup
  2. Mid-morning meal: 1 glass of water and 1 apple.
  3. Lunch: 1 cup of cucumber and tomato, 2 fried eggs and 1 orange.
  4. Late afternoon meal: 1 yogurt and 1 cup of tea.
  5. Dinner: fried fish, vegetables and 4 potatoes. Vegetables can be processed with salts and mustard.

3 Day diet – Day 2

  1. Breakfast: ½ orange, 2 slice toast, 1 banana.
  2. Mid-morning meal: non-milk coffee and 1 pear
  3. Lunch: Portugal soup insisting of potato, sugar, bean and vegetables.
  4. Late afternoon meal: 1 cup of green tea, 2 oat cakes, 1 banana.
  5. Dinner: fried chicken, 1 large dish of salad, 1 boiled potato.
3 day diet for everyone

3 day diet for everyone

3 Day diet – Day 3

  1. Breakfast: ½ orange, 2 boiled eggs, baked mushroom, some slices of toast.
  2. Mid-morning meal: melon.
  3. Lunch: 1 dish of vegetable salad with some slice baked beef, sandwich with cucumber.
  4. Late afternoon meal: a non-cream cup coffee, orange.
  5. Dinner: 1 dish of vegetables, non-fat pork and noodles.
3 day diet for girls

3 day diet for girls

The 3 day diet has been known for so many years for dropping calorie intake effectively. However, you shouldn’t go on this diet for more than 3 days because it may cause a lack of energy. Also, the weight loss is mainly due to water loss, not fat loss. To sum up, if you want to lose some weights, remember that slow, gradual weight loss is healthier than short term, rapid weight loss such as advocated by this diet.

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