21 effective exercises to lose belly fat for both men and women (part 1)

No matter what gender you are, you all want a firm and slim body. That’s the reason why losing weight exercises always attract the attention of many people.

Below are 21 exercises which help burn belly fat for both men and women. We can do them wherever. Let’s perform right now to own slim waist!

1. Basic Crunch

21-effective-exercises-to-lose-belly-fat-for-both-men-and-women-1This is the simplest exercise for the beginners and suitable for both men and women.

  • First, lie down, and your leg creates with floor a miter.
  • Next, put your hands behind the head and spread the elbows to two sides.
  • Next, suspire, sunken abdomen, raise your head and shoulder simultaneously. The neck may coil a little but shouldn’t be near the chest.
  • Finally, inhale, lower the head but not drop it. You should try to pin the bottom.

2. Crunch with ball

21-effective-exercises-to-lose-belly-fat-for-both-men-and-women-2We do the exercise 2 as same as the exercise. However, instead of pinning the hands behind the head, we do with ball.

Put a ball on your chest, and hold it tightly. Next, crunch so that the chin touches the chest. The body may be transferred forward. And then lower the body and do it again. However you should pay attention that you have to use belly power to when raising the body.

3. Reverse crunch

21-effective-exercises-to-lose-belly-fat-for-both-men-and-women-3Normally, when crunching, we crunch the top. However, in this exercise, we will do the contrary.

First, lie down; put the hands straight and parallel with the body. We have to pin the neck and he head.

Next, fold the knees to right angle then raise the leg and hip gradually, inhale and put the leg g and hip to the original location.

Note: you have to use belly power when crunching and don’t touch the hands to the floor.

4. Crunching and raising legs

21-effective-exercises-to-lose-belly-fat-for-both-men-and-women-4The level is up in this exercise.

First, lie down, fold the knees to right angle.

Then pin the hands behind the head.

Finally, fold the top gradually and pin the back and bottom.

5. Swiss crunching with ball

21-effective-exercises-to-lose-belly-fat-for-both-men-and-women-5Another effective crunching exercise with ball for you:

First, fold the knees to right angle.

Then lie on a Swiss ball so that this ball í at the center of the back.

Next, raise the body so that the body is straight.

And then, lower the body tightly.

6. Crunching with 2 Swiss balls

21-effective-exercises-to-lose-belly-fat-for-both-men-and-women-6A different manipulation between exercise 5 and exercise 6 is that instead of pinning the hands behind the head, you enfold the ball.

7. Fog crunching

21-effective-exercises-to-lose-belly-fat-for-both-men-and-women-7This exercise helps you not only burn belly fat but also have firmed thighs and arms.

First, sit on the floor, lean the body back a little and put down the body to bottom.

Next, straighten and raise the legs.

After that, tightly fold the legs and hold the thighs. Tension the belly muscle when straightening the legs and spreading the arms; and put the body to the original position.

8. Cycling crunching

21-effective-exercises-to-lose-belly-fat-for-both-men-and-women-8This exercise is similar to cycling.

First, lie down, put the hands behind the head and raise the legs above the floor about 20 cm to 30 cm.

Next, fold the left knee so that it touches the right elbow and do the contrast. Do these actions interleaved so as to the chin don’t push forward.

9. Collateral crunching

21-effective-exercises-to-lose-belly-fat-for-both-men-and-women-9The way to do this exercise is below:

  • Lie down, fold and shelve the knees to one side
  • Raise the head and shoulder
  • Lower the body and turn to the other side and do the same

10. Total crunching

21-effective-exercises-to-lose-belly-fat-for-both-men-and-women-10This exercise requires higher skill comparing to basic crunching. It is quite hard to do correctly.

Lie down. Fold the knees, put the hands behind the head and pin the foot.

Raise the body by using belly power so that the chest touches the knees.

Part 2 will be updated in next post. Please follow our posts to learn the way to own a nice body.

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