17 day diet

17 day diet created by Dr. Mike Moreno has now become one of the hottest weight loss plans and very popular with all age groups. This diet concludes many phases, which help your body easily get on well with weight loss goal and bring you expected results. Let’s see why 17 day diet can be seen as an effective method to lose weight!

It can’t be denied that 17 day diet has recently been one of the most popular diets. According to Dr. Mike Moreno, this diet is set to maintain proper weight and avoid weight gain. It includes three main phases and the forth one to maintain the gained results. A book about this diet has quickly become the best-seller one and its writer – Dr. Mike Moreno has also appeared on a series of TV programs. In order to understand clearly this weight loss plan, we need to go into details the rules and principles in each phase of the diet.

17 day diet 1

Phase 1

17 Day diet – Phase 1 (days 1 – 17):

This is the most difficult phase because it requires you to reduce the amount of calories that you consume. The maximum amount of calories allowed is 1200 calories, so that you are recommended to have non-fat meat, non-fat milk, vegetables, fruits and green tea.

17 day diet 2

Phase 2

17 Day diet – Phase 2 (days 18 – 34):

This phase focuses on cycling the daily amount of calories day by day. While in the first phase, weight loss is mainly due to water loss, fat is burn in this phase. In phase 2, about 1500 calories are burn each day.

17 day diet 3

Phase 3

17 Day diet – Phase 3 (days 35 – 51):

This phase seems to be a stable one, in which you will learn how to develop healthy eating habits. In this phase, you may lose less weight than in other two phases. You will eat more fruits and grains. Alcohol and meat can also appear in the diet.

17 day diet 4

Phase 4

17 Day diet – Phase 4 (days 51 – 68):

This is the last phase in the diet, which focuses on healthy eating habits and you will follow the first three cycles of the diet throughout the week. However, you should control what you eat to make sure that you will not gain weight again. In this phase, your weight loss goal will be reached.

All in all, we have learnt about a worldwide popular diet. If you want to lose weight fast, follow this 17 day diet. Also, you should do exercise regularly to get the best results!

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